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Celebrating Buddy Guy’s 82nd Birthday

Lynn Orman, Allen Winkler join prostate cancer survivors all Rock Star musicians (Left to Right), Bluesmen, Corky Siegel, James Harp, Oscar Wilson, Andre Taylor and Jazz drummer, Paul Wertico. (not pictured, Michael Frank).

Lynn Orman, Allen Winkler join prostate cancer survivors all Rock Star musicians (Left to Right), Bluesmen, Corky Siegel, James Harp, Oscar Wilson, Andre Taylor and Jazz drummer, Paul Wertico. (not pictured, Michael Frank).




An extraordinary collection of images of Buddy Guy graced the wall of the Elephant Room Gallery located directly next door to Buddy Guy's Legends. Allen Winkler photographed every show during Buddy month in January of 2018. His images have received accolades on Instagram's featured sites of Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard, Living Blues Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and CBS Chicago. The three day pop up gallery featured photos of Buddy on stage at home in his club, Legends and at his annual concert at Ravinia Festival in Highland Park. The exhibit celebrated Buddy's 82nd birthday and paid tribute to his brother Phil who died from prostate cancer as well as founder of PCa Blue, John Lupton Sr. 

Buddy has been helping raise awareness for the prostate cancer cause. "If I can save one life I have done my job," says the national spokesman for the organization. As a matter of fact Buddy may have helped saved many along with his daughter, Carlise who is an ambassador for PCa Blue. "If it wasn't for PCa Blue I wouldn't have gone to the doctor and asked for a psa test. It saved my life because my numbers were off the chart and the doctor scheduled me right then and there for surgery," said Buddy's friend, Herman Long. Maybe if the blues musicians like, Phil Guy, Big Daddy Kinsey, Raful Neal, Barrelhouse Chuck, David Maxwell had found out earlier they would still be alive. The exhibit featured over 60 photos on canvas in shadow boxes, on magnets, books, playing cards and postcards. Buddy autographed a dozen which were sold at the gallery with proceeds benefiting PCa Blue's beneficiaries.

Buddy stopped in the gallery on his birthday and had a great chat with Allen Winkler and Lynn Orman and said, 'that's a lot of me.' The gallery from the outside held the spotlight for fans who were walking by looking at Buddy, Buddy and his family and Buddy and his band looking back at them.

 "This was a dream of a lifetime to be able to put this gallery exhibit up directly next door to Legends. We loved having the staff and family stop by to visit and take selfies and pictures with Buddy's images. A favorite wall was the family wall with pictures of Buddy on stage with his kids, Carlise, Greg and Shawnna. We were able to capture photos with Johnny, Mark, Jessica and the wonderful staff that make Legends the place to be," said Orman & Winkler.

The most important and extraordinary night was Monday, July 30th when prostate cancer survivors came to the gallery to share their stories. In the far corner of the gallery, Andre Taylor set up his gear with the help of Greg Guy. The music featured Andre and Oscar Wilson both prostate cancer survivors as well as James Harp. Tom Stober and Andrew Moreno added to the mix. The stories were healing. It was quite amazing to hear the true testimonials of men who have gone through the surgery and are now on the road to recovery.

The musicians who spoke included, Grammy Award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, Michael Frank, CEO and Founder of the Blues label, Earwig Music, Oscar Wilson the lead singer for the Cash Box Kings on Delmark Records, Andre Taylor guitarist and protege of Buddy Guy and Corky Siegel, recording artist and international performing artist who made his first trip out to the gallery since his prostate cancer surgery. ABC 7 anchor, Hosea Sanders spirit was with the group as he was hospitalized and said a prayer for his rapid recovery. There was a shout out to bluesmen, recording artist, Larry McCray and publisher and editor of Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine, Robert Whitall.

Marty Sammon, longtime keyboard player for Phil Guy and now the keyboard player for 15 years with Buddy Guy raised a glass of champagne in honor of his boss, Buddy and in memory of his mentor, Phil.

Ivy Ahmed the CEO of PCa Blue along with PCa Blue's programming director and publicist, Lynn Orman Weiss thanked the crowd for coming before introducing a good friend of Buddy Guy's Councilman Robert Fioretti. Fioretti spoke eloquently with first hand knowledge of the importance of early detection and education. He too had cancer. "It is so important to stand up and be strong, don't be afraid and take the steps to find out what you need to do at an early stage and take action. The women in men's lives are so important as many of them encourage their men to get tested. My wife, Nicki was my strength," he said. Together we can help save men's lives. That is the mission of PCa Blue. 

For more information on PCa Blue visit, www.pcablue.org

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